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Transport infrastructure

Air freight

Kostanay Airport is located 2 kilometers south-west of the outskirts of the city of Kostanay and 5.6 km from its administrative center. The airport has international status. The number of flights per year is more than 1,400, the number of passengers per year is 110.0 thousand people, about 220 tons of cargo and mail are handled per year.

By air from Kostanay, you can get daily to Astana by Air Astana Airlines flights and 6 times a week by SKAT and QazaqAir; there are airlines flying to Almaty, in the summer there are flights to Hanover and Minsk 2 times a week, 3 flights to Moscow.

Rail transportation

Kostanay station was built in 1974, located in the northwestern part of the city. It is a class 1 station.

The operational length of the railway tracks of the Kostanay branch of the road is 1,452.3 km. To ensure operational activities at the Kostanay branch of the road, there are 62 separate points (45 are open for cargo operations), of which there are 45 stations, 11 junctions, 1 overtaking point, 5 posts that have no track development.

Road transport

The network of highways of regional and district significance of the Kostanay region is one of the longest in the republic.

The length of public roads in the region is 9,514 km.

The volume of freight by road amounted to 310.7 million tons of cargo.

On the territory of the Kostanay region there are roads of republican, regional and local importance. Communication with the regional center is carried out through the republican roads Kostanay - Petropavlovsk - Kurgan, Kostanay - Astana - Almaty, Kostanay - Kokshetau, Kostanay - Chelyabinsk - Yekaterinburg.