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Industry of the region

Kostanay region is characterized as an industrial-agrarian region. In the structure of the industry of the region, the share of mining and quarrying amounted to 42.5% (which is 1.1% more than the corresponding period of 2018), manufacturing industry 52.5% (which is 0.5% more than last year), electricity, supply gas, steam and air conditioning 4% (decrease by 1.4%), water supply, sewage system, control over the collection and distribution of waste 0.9% (decrease by 0.2%).

Аbout 700 enterprises with more than 41.6 thousand employees are engaged in the production of industrial products.

The mining industry dominates in the production structure of the region, its share is 41.5%. The basis of the mining industry includes such enterprises as: “SSGPO” JSC, “Varvarinskoye” JSC, “Kostanay Minerals” JSC, “Komarovsky Mining Enterprise” LLP, Lisakovsk branch of “Orken” LLP, Branches of “Aluminum Kazakhstan” JSC.

The largest enterprise of the mining industry in Kazakhstan is “SSGPO” JSC, the main consumers of products (iron ore concentrate, pellets) of which are “Magnitogorsk metallurgical combine” JSC, “ArcelorMittal Temirtau” JSC and enterprises of China.

Deposits of gold, copper, titanium, nickel, coal, and lead and zinc ores have been explored in the region. The region is also rich in non-metallic minerals: refractory clay, building stone, building sand.

The share of the metallurgical industry in the volume of the manufacturing industry of the region in 2019 was 20%. The main producers of metallurgical products in the region are “EvrazKaspianStal” LLP, “SSGPO” JSC, “MekhLitKom” LLP.

The flagship of the industry is EvrazKaspianStal LLP, which in 2013 implemented the project “Construction of small-section rolling mill with a capacity of up to 450 thousand tons of construction longs per year in Kostanay city”. The launch of this plant allowed the domestic market and the construction industry to provide high-quality rolled products.

The basis of nonferrous metallurgy is “Varvarinskoye” JSC, “Brendt” LLP.

“Varvarinskoye” JSC is a processing enterprise of gold ores for the production of Doré bullion.

The machine-building industry is developing at a good pace in the region. The basis of the machine-building industry of the region is “SaryarkaAvtoProm” LLP, “Agromashholding KZ” “Olzha Agrotechmash” LLP, “Dormash” LLP, Branch of “Asmadin Project” LLP, “Don Mar” LLP and others.

The automotive industry of Kostanay region is not only one of the youngest industries in the economy of our region and the country as a whole, but also an indicator of the state of development of non-oil production.

“SaryarkaAvtoProm” LLP, which is a member of the Group of Companies “Allur”, assembles cars for more than 50 car models of 8 brands ( Peugeot, Iveco, Hyundai, JAC, Chevrolet Niva,MAN, Ankai, Ravon), which are produced by both large and small node assemblies . Since 2010, over 70 thousand cars have been assembled at the Kostanay site.

In 2019 25,802 cars were collected (Ravon – 5 366, CHEVROLET NIVA - 756, Hyundai – 15 916, JAC - 2 775, Peugeot – 1, IVECO – 5, УАЗ – 509, MAN – 25, ANKAI - 383, Yutong - 60).

“Agromash Holding KZ” JSC is the only industrial enterprise in Kazakhstan that produces combine harvesters, as well as additional products in a wide range.

Considering the high rates of industrial and civil construction, the development of the production of building materials plays an important role in the regional economy. The region produces commercial concrete and concrete products, building sand, fittings, pipes made of ethylene polymers, and prefabricated building structures made of concrete, window and door blocks of plastics, brick.

The largest representatives of the industry are Kostanay MBI LLP, Integrated Home-Building Factory, BK-Stroy LLP, Rudny Cement Plant LLP, Romana Group LLP.

Food and beverage production accounts for more than 50% of the region’s manufacturing industry. Food industry enterprises produce dairy, flour-grinding, meat products, confectionery, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, and vegetable oil, which are sold both in the territory of our republic and in foreign and neighboring countries.

The largest representatives of the industry are:

DEP LLP, Milkh LLP (production of dairy products), Bayan Sulu JSC (confectionery production), Kostanay Melkombinat JSC (production of flour and pasta), Asalia LLP, Romana NAN LLP ( flour production), Firma Arasan LLP, Altyn Omir LLP, Lider 2 LLP (production of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages).