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Mining and Metallurgical Complex

The region has a high production potential and is today not only an agricultural, but also a developed industrial region.

Industrial production in the region is engaged in more than 700 enterprises, which employ about 45 thousand people.

The mining sector accounts for more than 40% of the total industrial production in the region. In the depths of Kostanay, 35 types of minerals were found, including: bauxite, asbestos, iron, cobalt, nickel, gold, copper, molybdenum and others.

The region produces over 60% of the republic’s iron ore products, 100% iron ore pellets and asbestos.

Such companies as: SSGPO JSC, Varvarinskoye JSC, Kostanay Minerals JSC, Lisakovsky branch of Orken LLP, branches of Aluminum Kazakhstan JSC, Torgai bauxite mine and Krasnooktyabrsky bauxite mine groups, and others are the basis of the mining industry.

Production of ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy products is a priority for the Kostanay region and the country as a whole, which is confirmed by the presence of a large number of government support measures for this sector of the economy.

Currently, 69 deposits in the region are free from subsoil use:

- 38 common minerals;

- 31 - solid minerals.

The most priority areas in the field of mining metallurgy for the region are:

Production and casting of steel;

Production of rolled steel;

Production and casting of noble (precious) metals, copper;

Production and casting of light metals;

Production and casting of other non-ferrous metals.