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Resource potential

The subsoil assets of the region are rich in minerals: iron and magnetite ores, bauxite, lignite, asbestos, refractory and brick clay, flux and cement limestone, glass sand, building stone, etc. 

In the Kostanay region, 35 types of minerals are known and studied to varying degrees. About 400 mineral deposits and minerals have been explored, including:

building materials - 234 deposits,

18 - iron,

22 - bauxite,

7 - gold,

2 - titanium,

10 - coal,

1 deposit each of - silver, nickel and zinc.

The region is a unique iron ore and bauxite base of the republic.

92.6% of iron ore (4% of world reserves), 98.2% of bauxite, 81.2% of cobalt, 51.6% of nickel, 4.6% of titanium, 3.1% of gold of total balance reserves of the Republic of Kazakhstan are concentrated in the region.

In 2019 mining enterprises produced industrial products worth 509.4 billion tenge

In the Kostanay region, the largest enterprises in the subsoil use industry are:

- “Sokolov-Sarbai Mining Production Association” (SSGPO) JSC (open-pit and underground iron ore mining, production of iron ore pellets and concentrate);

- “Varvarinskoye” JSC (production of copper concentrate and Doré bullion);

- Branch of “Aluminum Kazakhstan” JSC Krasnooktyabrsk Bauxite Mine Group (bauxite mining);

- “Kostanay Minerals” JSC (chrysotile asbestos ores mining and dressing);

- Lisakovsk branch of “Orken” LLP (iron ore mining and dressing).

To date, there are 69 free subsoil use fields in the region, including 38 common minerals and 31 solid minerals, which are placed on the investment map of the investment portal of the Kostanay region (