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Investment attraction

Investment attraction

Attracting investment is a priority for the development of the Kostanay region.

Administration of the Kostanay region guarantees to investors:

- creation of optimal conditions for successful implementation of the investment project;

- maximum support at all stages of project implementation

- prompt resolution of issues, transparency of processes, open dialogue.

In 2017, an interactive investment map of the region was developed and put into operation, including information on investment projects and sites of the region, as well as the availability of accessible infrastructure and mineral resources. All information on the map is available in three languages: Kazakh, Russian and English on the website: 

Today, information on the objects displayed on the map (projects, sites and land plots) gives the investor a clear idea of ​​the main parameters: location, area, availability of road and engineering infrastructure, information on the availability of free and available power facilities and points of connection to the engineering infrastructure, etc.

To support and review system barriers and problematic issues for potential investors in the region, there is a Council for Attracting Investors (hereinafter referred to as the Council). At meetings of the Council, issues on the implementation of investment projects, problem issues of projects and enterprises of the region are considered, as well as the Procedure for selecting investment projects for placement in the Industrial Zone in Kostanay is adopted.

In order to attract new investments in the region and develop small and medium-sized businesses, the Industrial Zone “Kostanay” was created.

The industrial zone is located within the city of Kostanay in the industrial zone (north-west), next to the existing engineering plant. Land area is 400 hectares.

When placing production on the territory of IZ, the applicant is provided with a land plot with supplied infrastructure under the terms of the lease.

According to the developed IZ Development Concept, it is planned to locate enterprises in such sectors of the economy as mechanical engineering, the production of agricultural machinery and equipment, the production of building materials and structures, the food and light industries, and other processing industries.

At the same time, in order to increase the investment attractiveness of the industrial zone in particular and the region as a whole, the issue of giving the industrial zone the status of a Special Economic Zone (SEZ) is being worked out.

According to the tax, customs, land legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, for the participants of the SEZ the following benefits are provided:

- exemption from corporate income tax;

- exemption from land tax;

- exemption from property tax;

- exemption from paying VAT on imported goods;

- exemption from customs duties;

- for a period of up to 10 years free land is provided for the project.

The region has a regional front office for attracting and supporting investors. This center operates on the principle of «one stop shop» basis.

In the front office are specialists from local executive bodies, a branch of JSC State Corporation «Government for Citizens» in the Kostanay Region, Regional office of JSC «National company «Kazakh Invest», Regional Chamber of Entrepreneurs «Atameken», JSC «Social and Entrepreneurial Corporation «Tobol», as well as representatives of migration services and tax authorities.

Also, to provide services on a «one-stop shop» basis, the region has an Entrepreneurs Service Center and a Mobile Entrepreneurship Support Center, established on the basis of the Chamber of Entrepreneurs of the region.

Moreover, in the cities and districts of the region there are Entrepreneurship Support Centers.