of Kostanay region
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Tourist potential of the region

Despite the agro-industrial orientation, the region has prerequisites for the development of certain types of tourism.

Thus, in the region there are about 300 small rivers and more than 5 thousand lakes, there are 100 hunting farms and 144 users of fish reservoirs, which contribute to the development of adventure tourism - hunting and fishing. 

The total area of ​​hunting areas of the region is 17,215.00 thousand hectares.

The diversity and richness of the untouched nature of the Naurzum reserve, the Karabalyk reserve, the “Altyn Dala” reserve makes it possible to develop ecological tourism.

In addition, in the region there are 725 monuments of history and culture, including 29 sacred places (19 of local, 10 of national values) can be included in the tourist routes of cultural and educational recreation.

The vast territory and variety of natural landscapes, the presence of recreation centers and guest houses on the banks of reservoirs create wonderful conditions for organizing weekend tours.

On the territory of the region there are 5 sanatorium and health institutions, of which 2 are sanatoriums, 1 specific sanatorium, 1 dispensary, 1 rehabilitation center. The presence of these objects creates prerequisites for the development of health tourism.

A part of the sanatoriums is located on the territory of lakes with mineral water and sulphate-silt mud, pine forest with the cleanest air. Sanatoriums provide a large list of medical, diagnostic and preventive services, water and mud therapy, climatotherapy, as well as a variety of entertainment and sports and health services.