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Recreation center "White Yurt"
The «Belaya Urta» is a unique complex, located 25 minutes from the Kostanay city. The recreation center is located in a birch grove and is popular because there are beautiful landscapes, small houses, log cabins and great opportunities for outdoor activities.

Hotel "Golden Pheasant" invites everyone to enjoy your time outside the city. The list of activities and offers of the hotel is wide and includes:

* Restaurant (capacity for up to 150 people, European and Oriental cuisine, barbecue). In winter, skiing, sledding, ice skating, horseback riding, sauna (body and soul rest), show program (live music, show ballet, dancing), billiards (VIP room for 20 people), convenient parking, taxi services, bus for collective applications, children's room, children's playground (vacationers can leave their children in the nursery with professionals).

The original design of the rooms, in the style of country, peace and quiet, the perfect rest away from the city noise.

Kostanay, highway