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Dispensary-sanatorium Jailau
Resort «Jailau» invites everyone to spend their free time on the shores of the mineral lake right in the pine forest. The infrastructure is well developed: there is a parking lot for guests' cars, a sanatorium, a restaurant, a conference room, an entertainment complex, a sauna, a swimming pool and much more.

Dispensary-sanatorium Jailiau Kostanay city has all the facilities for a good rest and recovery. This is successfully achieved due to natural medical and health factors: a pine forest near the sanatorium, air saturated with medicinal phytoncides, a lake with mineral water; the newest medical technologies of treatment: - The computer extension of the spine and joints (the only one in the Kostanay region, the second in Kazakhstan). This type of treatment requires a fixation corset; - Salt mine (a unique method of healing the body); - Computer software of the magneto-infrared laser therapy treatment program; and also: - Reception of mineral water; - Therapeutic baths: common mineral, iodine-bromine, anti-cellulite; - Healing souls: shower - Charcot, circular shower; - Hydromassage; - Whirlpool baths for arms and legs; - Computer diagnostics; - Physiotherapy: magnetic, laser, ultrasound therapy; - Phyto barrel; - Inhalation of mineral water, decoction of medicinal herbs; - Massage; - Therapeutic gymnastics under the guidance of an exercise therapy instructor; - pool; - Water aerobics; Reception by qualified specialists, comfortable cozy rooms, a restaurant with VIP rooms, bowling, billiards, saunas on the shore of a mineral lake with a hole, a fitness room, skates, skis - all this creates an irresistible feeling of unity of man with nature, a feeling of energy and inner freedom!

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