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Smart quarry
SSGPO JSC is the largest city-forming enterprise in Kazakhstan for iron ore, dolomite, limestone, construction rubble processing, which is a part of the Eurasian Group of Eurasian Resources Group (ERG). The SSGPO association includes operating mines: Sarbaysky, Sokolovsky, Kacharsky, Kurzhunkulsky, Sokolovsky underground mine with mining ore, Alekseevsky dolomite and Kzyl-Zharsky limestone quarries. There is a factory complex of ore dressing and pretreatment, repair and mechanical plant, the main shops of which are: foundry, electrical repair, repair of mining equipment, manufacturing of metal structures. From year to year SSGPO increases production rates, introduces the most modern equipment technologies, strengthens its position in the global iron ore market, and is one of the leading mining companies in the world. Innovative technologies are increasingly used in the work of enterprises of the Kostanay region, which are an essential attribute of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Examples of these technologies are the start of projects - “Smart Quarry” and “Smart Processing Plant” at SSGPO. The project “Smart Quarry” at the Kacharsky site of the SSGPO is innovative in all respects. This is an absolute automation of the entire production process. Operational monitoring of the situation at the quarry, making the necessary adjustments and the optimal distribution of equipment is carried out not by the operator, but by computers. The implementation of the project will make it possible to quickly obtain financial returns from the work of the mining and transportation complex of the Kacharsky quarry. This will occur due to the automated minimization of mining machinery downtime, increasing the volume of extracted raw materials, automatic distribution of the involved dumping park, continuous automated management of the implementation of shift tasks and managing the quality of the extracted raw materials, a sharp increase in production and technological work discipline. The introduction of technologies allows increasing the productivity of mining transport equipment by 10% with production volumes of 40 million tons. The expected economic effect will be up to 2 billion tenge. The project cost is almost 3.2 billion tenge. The number of employees at the Kachar site is 3,252 people. SSGPO supplies its products, iron ore concentrate and pellets not only to Kazakhstani markets, but also abroad to Russia and China: - domestic market - 27%. The largest consumer in Kazakhstan is ArcelorMittal Temirtau. - foreign market - 73%. A major consumer in Russia is PJSC Magnitogorsk metallurgical combine, China - Xinjiang Bayi Steel International Trade Co LTD.