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Industrial zone

The functioning of industrial zones is defined by the Enterprise Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Unified Program of Business Support and Development “Business Road Map 2020”.

The industrial zone "Kostanay" is an industrial site with an area of ​​400 hectares, provided with communications, which is provided to investors for the placement and operation of production facilities.

The industrial zone was created in order to provide state support to private entrepreneurship and is intended for the development of priority industries in the Kostanay region, such as engineering, food and light industries, the production of building materials and structures, and agricultural equipment.

One of the advantages of the industrial zone "Kostanay" is the adjacent developed network of highways and railways with access to the Russian market (the site is adjacent to the international highway Almaty-Yekaterinburg).

Engineering infrastructure includes electricity, gas, water supply, water disposal, telephone, Internet.

On the territory of the industrial zone for the creation of comfortable conditions for residents, there is an administrative center that includes an office part, a conference hall, hotel rooms, and also a dining complex.


Substation PS 110/10 kV, mW


Gas supply networks, m3 / hour

20 000

Communication lines, km


Water supply with a diameter of 400 mm and 315 mm, km

5.2; 2.7

Water intake facility, m3 / day

9 950

Sewage pumping station, m3 / day

9 950

Roads, km


Railway tracks, km

  Scheme of Industrial Zone of Kostanay

- The total area of Kostanay Industrial Zone - 400 ha

- Land plots for construction and land plots production - 180.3 ha

- land for the production and free-of-charge land for construction and exploitation - 197 ha

- land plots occupied by engineering and transport infrastructure - 22.7 ha

- administrative and economic complex - 1.3 ha

Scheme of the Industrial zone of Kostanay city:

  1. Finished engineering and communication infrastructure
  2. Obtaining investment preferences
  3. Convenient logistic location, railway deadlock, road
  4. Opportunity to buy or rent land
  5. Support of projects by one stop principle
  6. Promotion of goods and services of participants of the industrial zone
  7. Leasing office and hotel rooms

Considering the state significance of the object, a necessary condition for inclusion in the list of investment projects implemented in the Industrial Zone is review and approval of the project by members of a collegial body at the akimat of the region - the Council for Attracting Investors and Improving the Investment Climate in the Kostanay region.

Conditions for the placement of investment projects in the industrial zone are:

  1. Industry direction of the declared project, priority activities approved in Kazakhstan for the implementation of investment projects
  2. The area of the requested land plot is at least 1 hectare
  3. Creating new jobs - at least 20 jobs
  4. The volume of own and attracted investments in the project - not less than 200.0 million tenge

In case of compliance with the above requirements, for the implementation of an investment project in the Industrial Zone, it is required to send an application and a list of materials of the established form to SEC “Tobol” to decide on the advisability of placing the board for approval.

"Social and entrepreneurial corporation "Tobol " JSC

Almat Kuzhamratov

Department for work with investors
+7 714 254 14 27
+7 777 441 11 99
Kostanay city, 68 Dulatov str., room 108
"Social and entrepreneurial corporation "Tobol " JSC

Baurzhan Akhmetov

Director of the constraction and Industrial zone development department
+7 714 2 53 29 65
Republic of Kazakhstan, Kostanay, st. Gagarin 305

Подстанция ПС 110/10 кВ, мВт


Сети газоснабжения, м3/час

20 000

Линии связи, км


Водопровод диаметром 400 мм и 315 мм, км

5.2; 2.7

Водозаборное сооружение, м3/сутки

9 950

Канализационная насосная станция, м3/сутки

9 950

Автомобильные дороги, км


Железнодорожные пути, км