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Ambitious business projects presented in Arkalyk
A business forum was held in Arkalyk.

A business forum was held in Arkalyk. The organizers chose the development of the southern regions of Kostanay region through the implementation of investment projects as the main topic. It was attended by representatives of the business sector and government officials.
The head of the Kostanay region Entrepreneurship Department, Aslan Zhanispayev, said that the region has long been raising the topic of unlocking the economic potential of the southern regions of the region. This requires modern approaches.
During the forum, all participants agreed that one of the main directions is to attract investment, including in projects in the manufacturing sector.
It should be noted that in terms of the dynamics of production volumes in the manufacturing sector, Kostanay region is among the top five regions in the Republic of Kazakhstan.
Over the past few years, an increase in volume has been recorded by 2.5 times, this year it is planned to produce products in the manufacturing industry in the amount of 1.4 trillion tenge in the region.
Therefore, it was at the forum that promising projects were presented
projects. According to Zhanispayev, 35 projects worth 462 billion tenge are planned to be implemented in Arkalyk, Amangelda and Dzhangelda districts at once. Subsequently, more than 4, 4 thousand jobs will appear.
-For example, Kostanay Mining and Metallurgical Corporation LLP near Arkalyk is working on a project to build a mining and processing plant by 2027. The cost of the work will amount to 315 billion tenge, 1200 jobs will be created.
Also in Arkalyk, as well as Amangelda and Dzhangelda districts, SRS Holding LTD has conceived the construction of three factories for processing gold-bearing polymetallic ores.The total volume of investments will amount to more than 49 billion tenge.
In the coming years, it is planned to build the Arkalyk wind farm with a capacity of 48 MW worth more than 24 billion tenge. A number of projects are planned to be implemented in the agro-industrial complex. For example, the group of companies "Aluminstroy" is creating a cluster for processing agricultural products," Zhanispayev said.
In addition, it is planned to build a mill complex with a capacity of up to 18 thousand tons of flour per year and a breeding reproducer for 2.5 thousand heads of cattle. There are also plans to build a safflower oil seed processing plant with a capacity of 100 thousand tons per year. Thus, the volume of investments in these facilities will amount to more than 3 billion tenge, with the creation of 145 jobs.
In the village of Tselinnoetoo "Urpak Agro" will launch a feedlot for 10 thousand heads of cattle. Investments under the project will amount to 4.5 billion tenge. 50 people will be able to work there.
- The small and medium-sized business sector was also discussed at the forum. Here, as an example, the tannery of UMUT LLP can be cited. In 2021, the akimat of the region, together with JSC SEC Tobol, assisted in the financial recovery of the enterprise, which allowed the plant to be re-launched for 10 years.In addition, the company was allocated premises and financial resources in the form of grants for the organization of a sewing workshop and a service and procurement workshop.
This year, 2 more projects have been practically implemented, for which grants of 5 million tenge have been provided. This is a project for the production of saddlery and leather goods for which production has already begun, as well as a project for the production of children's orthopedic shoes. Thus, a small business belt is being formed around the tannery," Zhanispayev noted.