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A high harvest of grain crops has been harvested in Kostanay region
Wheat harvesting indicators are higher than last year's results by more than 2 million tons

Grain harvesting in Kostanay region was completed recently. It was predicted that the harvest of 2022 would exceed last year's by 1 million tons, but the result exceeded all expectations. High rates are largely due to favorable weather conditions. This summer, there was more precipitation during the growing season than in 2021, which contributed to the qualitative growth of wheat.

In total, 3 million 957 thousand hectares were sown this year. The leaders in the areas of crops were Karasu (655 thousand hectares), Sarykolsky (280 thousand hectares) and Fedorovsky districts (over 200 thousand hectares). On average, farmers received 11.7 quintals of grain per hectare (in 2021 – 7.5 quintals). In total, in the current harvesting company, agricultural producers collectively received 5 million 21 thousand tons of wheat (in 2021 – 3 million 16 thousand).

According to JSC "NC "Food Corporation", the purchase prices for agricultural products of the 2022 harvest are set within the following limits:

Wheat of the 3rd class (gluten 23%) – 121 000 tenge with VAT;

Wheat of the 3rd class (gluten 25%) – 123 000 tenge with VAT;

Wheat of the 3rd class (gluten 27%) – 125 000 tenge with VAT;

Wheat of the 4th class -115 000 tenge with VAT;

Wheat of the 5th class – 98,000 tenge with VAT;

Barley of the 2nd class – 95,000 tenge with VAT;

Oats – 90,000 tenge with VAT.

Buckwheat – 170,000 tenge with VAT.