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Kazakh Invest планирует привлечь 839 миллиардов тенге в Костанайскую область.
Kazakh Invest проводит постоянную активную работу по привлечению инвесторов и сопровождению инвестпроектов в регионах республики. Так, в Костанайской области прорабатываются 14 наиболее перспективных, социально значимых и экономически эффективных проектов...

Also, investors from Russia launched production of 16 models of Belarus tractors for the markets of Kazakhstan, the EAEU countries and Central Asia. This year, the company produced more than 400 tractors. Total investment - 15 billion tenge. 150 jobs are being created. Another project involving Kazakh Invest investors from the Russian Federation is a small-grade rolling mill with a capacity of 450 thousand tons of rolled steel per year in Kostanay. Investments amounted to 18.5 billion tenge, 350 jobs were created.

Another project with investors from Russia is the construction in Kostanay of the largest closed-loop meat processing complex in Northern Kazakhstan with a capacity of 20 thousand tons of finished products per year, with sales to the markets of Kazakhstan and the Russian Federation. Investments amount to $ 12 million. The launch is planned for May 2020.

"The work on attracting investment in the region is primarily aimed at priority sectors of the economy. As negotiators between state bodies and investors, we provide full assistance in obtaining permits, select sites for investors, and assist in obtaining state support, preferences and visa support." - Ilyas Amanbaev, regional director of Kazakh Invest in Kostanai region, said.

This year, with the support of the regional representative office of Kazakh Invest in the Kostanai region, 3 significant projects were implemented: the production of Kirovets tractors, the construction of a mill complex in Kostanay, and the production of LOVOL tractors. Another 5 projects of the manufacturing sector and alternative energy in the amount of 57 billion tenge are under implementation, another 7 projects totaling more than 700 billion tenge are under development, including a multi-project of cooperation between the KAMAZ group of companies and AgromashHolding JSC.