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On the implementation of investment projects
On the implementation of investment projects

One of the priorities of the state is the issue of attracting investments. In order to fulfill this task, the akimat of the region is constantly working to improve the investment climate, as well as creating all the necessary conditions for increasing the inflow of foreign capital into the economy of the region.

For example, in our region there is an Industrial zone with a total area of 400 hectares, which is provided with the necessary communications for potential investors, including gas pipeline networks, electricity, water supply, sewerage, as well as automobile and railway tracks.

At the moment, in the region, for the period up to 2030, it is planned to implement 50 investment projects totaling about 1.8 trillion tenge, with the creation of about 8 thousand jobs.

Speaking in terms of investments, the most capital-intensive projects relate to the metallurgy industry, their total cost is 1.2 trillion tenge, with the creation of 2.9 thousand jobs.

In turn, it is planned to create the most jobs in the mechanical engineering sector – almost 3.2 thousand jobs, where the cost of projects in this industry exceeds 360 billion tenge

Taking into account the creation of new production facilities, it is planned to gradually increase the volume of production of products aimed at import substitution in the region.

For example, SaryarkaAvtoProm LLP plans to establish production of Lada Granta and KIA Sportage cars using the CKD (Si-Ki-Di) small-node method.

Investments in the Lada Granta production project amount to 3.4 billion tenge, with the creation of about 350 jobs. The annual design capacity is 10 thousand cars.

Next, the project for the production of cars "KIA" Sportage"
(Kia Sportage), worth 10.8 billion tenge, with the creation of about
350 jobs.

Agricultural machinery in the region is also developing LLP "Machine-building Plant MTZ-Kazakhstan", with a project aimed at increasing the localization of the current production of tractors of the brand "Belarus".

We are talking about the production of cabins for this type of agricultural machinery. The design capacity is 10 thousand cabins, of which half of the products will be exported.

Investments under the new project amount to 8.3 billion tenge, with the creation of about 100 jobs.

KamLit KZ LLP is building two factories for the production of automotive components for trucks on the territory of the industrial zone of Kostanay.

The iron foundry is planned to be launched next year, and the plant for the production of main gears in 2024.

Also, the implementation of the third project "Beam localization" is being discussed, aimed at increasing the level of localization of the production of beams of driving axles of trucks.

Kostanay Mining and Metallurgical Corporation LLP plans to build a mining and processing plant for the extraction and processing of solid minerals from the Mayatas cluster deposits (the Roadside, Uvalnoye and Yuzhnoye deposits).

The estimated design capacity is 420 thousand tons of polymetallic ore concentrate (containing nickel, gold, palladium and platinum), as well as about 22 tons of Dore alloy.