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Results of social and economic development of Kostanay region
In the Central Communications Service under the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Akim of Kostanay region Archimed MUKHAMBETOV spoke about territorial development within the framework of the President's Address.

In the Central Communications Service under the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Akim of Kostanay region Archimed MUKHAMBETOV spoke about territorial development within the framework of the President's Address.

The economic development of the region is moving in positive dynamics, as evidenced by the indicators of the main sectors of the economy. Since the beginning of the year, industrial enterprises have produced products worth 1,870.2 billion tenge. Significant growth (by 8.1%) was largely provided by enterprises that implemented investment projects during the years of industrialization.

In general, as growth reserves, a pool of 80 projects worth 2.0 trillion tenge has been formed for the coming years, with the creation of about 6.0 thousand jobs that will contribute to the development of the industrial sector of the economy and a significant increase in industrial production.

We should also focus on mechanical engineering, which is the driver of the economic growth of the region. Largely due to the new sub–sector - automotive industry, the share of manufacturing in the total volume of industry has reached 46.9%, and the share of mechanical engineering in processing is 41.5%. During the reporting period, products worth 363.7 billion tenge were produced here, with an increase of 17.7%.

Agriculture is the second basic direction of the region's economy. The industry employs more than 119 thousand people, which is 25.2% of the total number of employed people.

As a result, according to the results of 10 months, the gross output amounted to 553.3 billion tenge.

In 2021, the gross grain harvest amounted to 2.9 million tons. The region occupies the first place in the country in the production of flour, the second – in butter, milk and condensed cream, the third – in the production of yoghurts.

It is important to note that 112.5 billion tenge was allocated for transport infrastructure in 2020-2021. This made it possible to repair more than 1,000 km of highways and 451 streets of settlements.

The implementation of a major project is being completed – the construction of a bridge on the highway "Entrance to the city of Kostanay". The implementation of this project made it possible to bring the technical characteristics of the approaches to the bridge to the I technical category. At the end of the year, "The share of highways of regional and district significance that are in good and satisfactory condition" will be 78.0%.

Since the beginning of the year, 387.2 thousand m2 of housing has been commissioned in the Kostanay region, with an increase of 25.5%. According to the pace of housing commissioning, our region ranks 2nd in the republic. Investments in housing construction increased by 38.2%.

The construction of the microdistricts "Airport" and "Jubilee" is coming to completion, the development of the microdistricts "Kunai" and "Bereke" continues.

If we talk about credit housing through the housing savings system, then this year it is planned to complete the construction of 18 multi-storey residential buildings and 30 transitional projects, with completion next year.

In addition, this year, as part of a pilot project, the construction of credit housing has begun in Rudny, where 5 residential building projects are currently being implemented, with a total area of about 19 thousand m2 or 300 apartments.

The construction of engineering communications to the new MD has begun. Astana in the city of Tobyl and Bayterek in the village of Michurinskoye of Kostanay district.

Over 30 years of Independence, 6.2 million m2 of housing or more than 60 thousand apartments have been commissioned in our region.

The priority task of our state is still to provide the population with high-quality drinking water.

75.0% of the rural population and 98.1% of the urban population have access to water supply services.

In 2021, 47 projects of rural and urban water supply and sanitation are being implemented, for which 15.2 billion tenge of budget funds have been allocated. It should be added that this year 104 villages have already installed distribution points for imported water.

In 2022, the work will continue and, in accordance with the instructions of the Head of State, 100% of the rural population will be provided with high-quality water supply by the end of 2025.

Work continues on gas supply to the region.

This year, the construction of high–pressure gas pipelines Kamysty – Altynsarino Kamystinsky district and Auliekol - Kushmurun is underway.

For the first time, gasification of villages will be carried out: Sheminovskoye and Ozernoye of Kostanay district, Kopychenka of Fedorovsky district, Altynsarino of Kamystinsky district.

Gas distribution networks will also be built in the MKRN. 5a of the city of Zhitikary, the construction of engineering communications to the microdistricts "Bayterek" and "Astana" of Kostanay district has begun.

This year we are closing one of the most problematic issues in the region – the heat supply of Arkalyk.

As of today, work is being completed on the conversion of the Arkalyk thermal power plant to solid fuel, 2 hot water boilers and 1 steam boiler are already functioning.

In order to improve the provision of timely qualified and modern medical care to residents of Kostanay, it is planned to build a multidisciplinary hospital (400 beds) designed for 300 thousand residents within the framework of the PPP. An infection center with 200 beds has been operating since 2020.

In addition to material and technical equipment with modern equipment and machinery, we are purposefully engaged in attracting doctors to the region. Since the beginning of the year, 103 doctors have arrived in the region, 18 have been provided with financial assistance, 30 doctors have been allocated housing.

In the near future, the keys to 100 apartments of rental housing will be handed over to medical workers.