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Development and implementation of quick test to determine livestock pregnancy.Interested in the project

General properties
Applied by Kostanay State University named after A.Baytursynov.
Proposed project location Kostanay region.
Required investments 0,09
Project novelty and innovative concept Possibility to use the test systems in livestock farms and private farmsteads without specialized equipment; Possibility to diagnose pregnancy 15 days after insemination (accurate within 75%); Pregnancy determination is similar to the diagnosis in humans and takes 15 minutes; High accuracy and reliability (at least 98%) of the diagnostic procedures for 2-3 months pregnancy; Quick test low prime cost.
Current status The laboratory technology for obtaining this biological product was worked through; Innovation Patent application was submitted.
Responsible person's contacts S.K. Kokanov, director of Innovation Research and Education Center of Kostanay State University named of A.Baytursynov. tel.: 8 (7142) 21-12-00.