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Organization of accredited laboratory for genetic identification and certification of livestock and poultry breeds.Interested in the project

General properties
Applied by Kostanay State University named after A.Baytursynov.
Proposed project location Kostanay region.
Required investments 0,39
Project novelty and innovative concept The project will allow analysis of the gene pool structure and genetic monitoring of livestock populations necessary to assess the diversity and conservation of economically valuable species genetic resources being the national patrimony; The project will increase the efficiency of livestock and poultry selection and breeding by 5-10% in the next 3-5 years; The project will allow: - performing genetic identification and certification of livestock and poultry of both local and foreign breed; - monitoring the studies of genetic resources and defining different livestock and poultry breeds potential; - certification of livestock, development of regulatory and technical documentation.
Current status A PCR laboratory operates in Kostanay State University.
Responsible person's contacts S.K. Kokanov, director of Innovation Research and Education Center of Kostanay State University named of A.Baytursynov. tel.: 8 (7142) 21-12-00.