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Building materials industrial production using carbon nanostructuresInterested in the project

General properties
Applied by LLC "Nauchno-proizvodstvenny institut ekspertizy i novykh tekhnologiy" ("Research Institute of examination and new technologies").
Proposed project location Kostanay city.
Required investments 2,02
Project novelty and innovative concept The use of carbon nanotubes and other carbon nanostructures-based modifying agents supposes: - production of heavy-duty construction materials; - high architecture and construction plasticity; - relatively low power consumption; - use of modern nanotechnologies in heavy concrete production; - cheaper building materials by saving their raw material.
Current status Production base with the area of 1.55 hectares with the required amount of roofed, warm facilities (more than 4.0 ths. m2) for laboratory and other equipment was purchased. Laboratory and production equipment were purchased, samples of some types of building materials were produced. Nanostructures modified agent prototypes were obtained. Preliminary tests showed an increase in the modified concrete bending strength by 25%, increase in compression strength by 40-60%. However these data are not final, it is possible to increase the modified concrete strength properties further. The project manager spent more than 200.0 mln. KZT.
Responsible person's contacts A.B. Amerzhanova, analyst. tel.: 8 (7142) 52-24-41, mobile 8 775 986 09 69. e-mail: A.Ye. Rakhmukhanov, technologist tel.: 8 (7172) 24-10-32, mobile 8 707 850 49 80. e-mail: