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Efficient technology for premises disinfection using chloride and ozone ion solutions.Interested in the project

General properties
Applied by Kostanay State University named after A.Baytursynov.
Proposed project location Kostanay region.
Required investments 0,098
Project novelty and innovative concept No counterpart in production use of chlorine and ozone (ozolite) mixtures Complete biological compatibility and harmlessness to environment and humans. Chlorine and ozone ions decompose into free radicals in 3 days and leave no any traces on equipment or in the room.
Current status The method developed by us was tested at the processing enterprises of Kostanay city. Patent application was submitted.
Responsible person's contacts P.F. Kasyanov, Head of Technology and Processing Department at the Agricultural and Biological Faculty of Kostanay State University named after A.Baytursynov, Candidate of Biology, associate professor. tel.: 8 (7142) 55-84-80, 87772518494