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Innovative activities

JSC "National Agency for Technological Development"


The main purpose of the Joint Stock Company "National Agency for Technological Development" (hereinafter - the Agency) is to assist in the coordination process of innovation development and provision of government support measures.

The Agency was founded with one hundred percent state participation in the share capital and is the successor of JSC "National Innovation Fund".

The competence and powers of the Agency are prescribed in the Law "On state support of industrial innovation" dated January 9, 2012.

The main activities are:

- Informational and analytical support for innovation;

- Development of an effective innovation infrastructure;

- Investment support for innovative projects;

- Administration of service tools designed to support innovation;

- Promotion of innovation activity.

The main instruments of the Agency for business support

1. Innovation Grants.

Innovation Grant is budgetary funds provided to industrial and innovation enterprises at no cost to implement their industrial and innovative projects within the innovation grants priority areas.

The innovation grants are provided in accordance with the Rules of providing innovation grants approved by the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated August 9, 2012 No. 1035, 1036, 1037.

In 2012 with the adoption of the new Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan "On state support of industrial innovation" the types of innovation grants increased from 4 to 9:

The innovation grants provision started in 2010. In the period of 2010 - 2013 1300 applications were considered, 210 projects of them were selected which received grants for the total amount of 9.3 bln. KZT.

2. Technological Business Incubation.

In order to develop small and medium-sized innovative companies and projects JSC "NATD" starting from 2010 provides technological business incubation services through its subsidiaries and regional technological parks.

On the basis of 8 existing technological parks a complex of maintenance and infrastructure services was developed to support innovators in the implementation of their ideas: from developing a business plan to expert advice in the process of its implementation.

The program has been operational since 2010. In 2010 and 2013, 632 project proposals have been considered 116 innovative start-ups of which were incubated for the amount of 975 mln. KZT.

The conditions, requirements, mechanisms of participation with a list of required documents and filling patterns as well as the conditions of early termination of the participation in the program are prescribed in the approved resolution of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated September 20, 2012 No. 1226 Rules of rendering technological business incubation services posted on the Agency site

3. Financing of projects.

Since 2004 JSC "NATD" has been investing innovative projects according to the priorities of technological development.

Direct project financing is carried out by a non-controlling equity participation in the project companies. (to the date the financing is suspended on the initiative of the Shareholder).

Under the terms of the Agency's financing investment in one innovative project should not exceed 49% of the project cost with the term of participation of up to 5 years.

The investments can be used to purchase equipment, buildings, structures or as current assets.

The conditions, requirements, mechanisms of participation with a list of required documents and filling patterns as well as the conditions of early termination of the participation in the program are prescribed in the Rules of submission and consideration of industrial and innovative projects financing applications to JSC "NATD" posted on the Agency's site

Since 2004 JSC "NATD" has considered 215 applications, 19 innovative projects were financed for the amount of 4.1 bln. KZT. The Agency has withdrawn from 8 projects, the investments have been fully recovered, and got a profit of 285 mln. KZT.

4. Venture financing.

In order to develop high technology and scientific enterprises JSC "NATD" forms and develops venture industry of the country.

Venture fund is an investment company that invests in innovative projects with high risk and high profitability.

Investment policy of the venture funds focused on finding and attracting projects to promising sectors with export potential. The aim of such cooperation is to develop innovative projects with high potential for further growth and the likelihood of producing a cost-effective and popular products by investing own and borrowed money in these projects at different stages of their development.

During its activity JSC "NATD" has participated in creation of 7 Kazakhstan venture funds (funded 18 innovative projects) and capitalization of 7 foreign venture funds.

5. Sectoral design bureau services.

Sectoral design bureau (SDB) is a legal entity owning material and technical complex, created by the National Institute of development in the field of technological development to assist industrial and innovation enterprises in the organization of production of new or improved products.

The SDBs were created to promote the industrial and innovation enterprises in the development of new products, including through technology transfer, acquisition, adaptation and development of engineering and design documentation (EDD) and its subsequent fee transfer to the industrial and innovation enterprises and rendering services necessary to organize the production of goods based on it.

To the date there are 4 SDBs:

The SDB activities are also aimed at implementing technological memoranda.

Technological memorandum is an agreement between the Ministry of Industry and New Technologies of the Republic of Kazakhstan and national companies, mining companies and large backbone enterprises, providing a guaranteed purchase of the products from domestic producers in the case of its production in the Republic of Kazakhstan subject to compliance with the requirements of quality and price established in the Technological memorandum.

Today there are 18 technological memoranda concluded between the Ministry of Industry and New Technologies of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the largest industrial enterprises of JSC "NC "Kazakhstan Temir Zholy", JSC "NC "KazMunayGas", LLC "Kazakhmys Corporation", LLC "KazZinc" and others.

The conditions, requirements, mechanisms of participation with a list of required documents and filling patterns as well as the conditions of early termination of the participation in the program are prescribed in the Rules of sectoral design bureaus operation approved by the Resolution of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated September 10, 2012 No. 1170 posted on the Agency's site

The SDBs provide the following services:

  • development of documentation at all stages of the design in accordance with the approved requirements specification, including research and development to create machinery, equipment and tools for repair and maintenance of technological and non-standard equipment, components and spare parts thereto;
  • development of process for arrangement of serial, large-scale and mass production of equipment, parts and machines;
  • fabrication of experimental prototypes and small production of stamps, accessories and spare parts for machinery, equipment and items;
  • development of production tools;
  • complex testing of product prototypes;
  • development of enterprise standards, instructions and specifications;
  • certification of machinery, equipment, products, components and spare parts;
  • training of enterprise engineers and designers, students with modern design methods;
  • engineering services.

During their activity the SDBs have acquired 64 (in 2012 - 3) and developed 364 EDD. Domestic enterprises started production of 177 new items owing to the SDBs work.

6. Offices and commercialization centers services.

Under the formation of technologies commercialization system, in 2012 the Agency competitively selected technology commercialization offices at research institutes and universities as well as the projects for further commercialization, 6 commercialization offices and 4 regional centers for technology commercialization were created.

Since the beginning of the program (2011) the commercialization offices have provided 406 applications for concept study, 122 projects were finally selected for commercialization study for the total amount of 95 mln. KZT, 55 projects were selected for further commercialization.

7. International technology transfer centers services.

Since 2009 JSC "NATD" has been considering various possibilities for creating infrastructure basis for practical implementation of technology transfer.

International technology transfer centers are created in collaboration with a foreign partner. The main task of the center is to establish cooperation between companies and research institutions of the two countries, investors, partners and technologies, coordination of joint research and innovative projects, arrangement of joint programs for training and development of staff within innovation establishment and management.

Kazakhstan-France Technology Transfer Center

In 2009 the first center created was Kazakhstan-France Technology Transfer Center opened jointly with French CEIS company.

Contract person – Yerlan Danenov.

Tel: +8 771 804 55 37


Korea–Kazakhstan Technology Cooperation Center

In 2011 the second international technology transfer center was created - Korea–Kazakhstan Technology Cooperation Center (KKTCC) together with Innopolis Fund (Daedeok Innopolis).

Offices of the Korean-Kazakhstan Center of Technological Cooperation were opened in Astana and Daejeon (Republic of Korea).

Representative of JSC "NATD" - Akhmet Ishmukhamedov

address: 386-2 Doryong-dong, Yuseong-gu, Daejeon 305-340, Republic of Korea, tel: +82 42 865 8849, mobile: +82 102 895 08 99, e-mail:

Representative of Innopolis Foundation - Chong Tekong.

Address: Astana, 18 Dostyk, business center "Moscow", 7-8th floor

tel.: +7 7172 57 10 16 (ext. 502), mobile: +7 707 107 01 65,


Kazakh-Norwegian Technology Cooperation Center

In September 2013 on the basis of the Agreement for Kazakh-Norwegian Technology Cooperation Center between the Agency and International Development Norway Kazakh-Norwegian Technology Cooperation Center was established. The centre office is located in Trondheim.

Representative of JSC "NATD" in the Kingdom of Norway - Yerlan Belgibekov.

Address: 7010, Norway, Trondheim, 9 Havne gate str., business center "Pirsenteret", tel.: +4747377004, e-mail:,,

American-Kazakhstan Technology Cooperation Center

In September 2013 the Agency and Innovaro Inc. (USA) signed the Agreement for American-Kazakhstan Technology Cooperation Center operation. the Centre office is located in Tampa, Florida.

Representative of JSC "NATD" - Kasymkhan Kapparov.

Address: Innovaro, Inc. 2109 E. Palm Ave., Tampa, FL 33605, tel: 813-754-4330,

With the ITTC support 4 joint projects have been implemented, 9 projects are being implemented, 27 projects in biotechnologies, information and communication technologies, power-efficiency etc. are under development.