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To conduct special activities in Kazakhstan it is necessary to obtain a license. The following separate activities are subject to be licensed:

  1. industry;
  2. atomic energy use;
  3. toxic turnover;
  4. transport;
  5. drug, psychotropic substance, precursor trafficking;
  6. information security;
  7. special equipment for investigation works;
  8. turnover of arms, military hardware and particular types of weapons, explosives and its related products;
  9. use of outer space;
  10. informatization and communication;
  11. education;
  12. mass media;
  13. agriculture and forestry, geodesy and cartography;
  14. health service;
  15. service of individuals and legal entities;
  16. gambling industry;
  17. veterinary science;
  18. judicial and expert;
  19. culture;
  20. financial sector and activity related to concentration of financial resources;
  21. architecture, city planning and construction;
  22. production of state symbols of Kazakhstan;
  23. production and turnover of ethyl alcohol and alcohol products, tobacco production;
  24. export and import of goods;
  25. commodity exchanges

To obtain a license and license attachment (in case of subtypes of activity) a licensor (competent sectoral authority depending on scope of activity) shall be provided with the following documents:

  1. an application; 
  2. copies of the Charter (except for export and import transactions) and state registration certificates of an applicant as a legal entity (notarized in case of failure to provide the originals for revise) – for legal entity; 
  3. a copy of ID document – for individual; 
  4. a copy of the state registration certificate of the applicant as an individual entrepreneur (notarized in case of failure to provide the originals for revise) – for individual entrepreneur; 
  5. a copy of a certificate on tax registration of the applicant (notarized in case of failure to provide the originals for revise); 
  6. a copy of document confirming payment into budget for the license for the right to conduct particular activities (notarized in case of failure to provide the originals for revise); 
  7. information and documents in accordance with qualifying requirements. Additional requirements to the list of documents when issuance of the license on financial activity or activity related to concentration of financial resources can be set by National Bank of Kazakhstan and authorized state agency for regulation and supervision of the financial market and institutions under the laws of Kazakhstan.

To obtain license attachment in the context of licensed type of activity, the following documents shall be provided: 

  1. an application; 
  2. information and documents in accordance with qualifying requirements to activity subtypes.


E-Licensing State database enables to submit documents required to obtain a license electronically over the Internet through filling registration form over e-Government gateway. See detailed information on web-site

License Issue Date

  • within 15 working days after submission of the required documents
  • within 30 working days – for licensing in atomic energy use, financial activity and activity related to concentration of financial resources.

If a licensor does not issue a license and (or) license attachments to an applicant or fails to provide the reasoned refusal in issuance of the license and (or) license attachment, the license and (or) license attachment shall be considered to be issued from expiry of the issue date. Licensor shall issue the corresponding license and (or) license attachment to the applicant within 5 working days after expiry of the date of issue of the license and (or) license attachment. Otherwise, the license and (or) license attachment is considered to be issued and document confirming the legal licensed activity before obtaining of the license itself is a copy of the list with indication of date when the licensor received the documents.
Non-licensed activity may result in administrative and criminal responsibility in terms of fines and confiscation of the proceeds from license-free activity of a company. Also, non-licensed activity is formal ground to hold transaction invalid which had been closed at the time of failure to meet a date and liquidate the company which infringed the licensing rules.